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Now running here on our new site! You may see some links head out to our old site- I'll be migrating everything over to this site soon but for now trust that wherever this page takes you is our latest and greatest stuff available!

New info for new and old members!

For existing members trust me moving and updating this site was not easy so bear with me if I ask you to jump thru a few hoops with me. If it doesn't work don't get frustrated- simply remember that I've been thru much more trying to get this puppy back up and running after our spam attack:)

Go to the forums and attempt to log in with your old user name and password. It will give you a message saying the password was not valid. Click the link to reset the password and it will email you a new one that will work. For some totally silly reason the conversion software updating the site dropped all the passwords- ugh. You can then change it once you log in if you like. If it doesn't work please email me at fisherjohnr at yahoo.com (at=@) and I'll figure it out for you.

For new members please click on the forums link and follow the sign up instructions. Because we got hacked I'll have to approve each new member. I may email you asking a few questions before I approve you but please understand its only to keep our forums from getting spammed with 200 Viagra ads!:) (And I got an email tonight from Jeny with a link to an article showing Viagra was developed in Sandwich England so how eerie is that connection!) lol


We're glad you could stop by. The purpose of this site is to share/research with and meet others who have connections to John, Nathaniel and Jonathan Fish, the 3 brothers who were part of the group that founded Sandwich Mass. In our research we have found that most with the name Fish in the U.S connect back to these 3 sooner or later. Some from South Eastern Massachusetts with the name of Fisher (your humble webmaster included) are also descended from these brothers as some of the Fish in that area, during the 1800's, changed their names from Fish to Fisher.

We're informal and everything is open to the public. No membership fees etc. The search engine to the left is from the efforts of our members who have generously shared their research and agreed to have it made public. You will find for the most part we're a group who wants to share what we have learned. Anyone that wants to keep their research private is welcome also.

The search engine gives you access to all our info. There does seem to be a bug where not all the sources are appearing but that's OK...we want to help others do their research, not do it for them. Poke around with the search engine- if you have not used this software before it can be a little "clunky" but once you get the hang of it you'll find it very powerful. You can't do any damage so try whatever you like.

In the Media section you'll find member contributed photos from gravesites, Fish peoples and some from our ancestral home of Great Bowden. Contributions are welcome! As the web master lives within a few hours of the Cape he'll keep visiting cemeteries and posting grave pics as found.

We'll be working on getting more docs online with regards to Wills etc. If you have some please share.

The forums are our main focus and you have to set up a user name and password to participate. Had to do this to prevent spammers from messing things up.

When you join the forums you may notice we are "heavy" on members with Massachusetts roots and light on the NY, VT, Kansas and other areas. That's not by design....just by circumstance as your webmaster is from Massachusetts and the fine folks he first connected with online were from his research efforts. We WANT those from other areas to join and participate and contribute to help us make this site even better and broad ranging.

So....whether you have a connection to the Fish brothers, think you might, just have an interest in the subject and certainly if you are connected to one of the ancestors or the brothers but not JNJ themselves you are welcome here.